Liz Mitchell Rusted Observations 6x5.5 in. 2019.jpg
oak bark.jpg
Liz tree RVCC final.jpg
RVCC oak curves.jpg
Liz Mitchell Resiliant Observatons Artist Book 6x6x1 2006.jpg
Liz Mitchell The Noble Oak intaglio printmaking 12x13 in. 2018.jpg

This body of work is inspired by my love of the beauty in nature.

I have been making my bark books/observations for a number of years. These books use bark as their covers with collaged accordion folded pages. Often, rusted objects are used as clasps to hold the books closed. Many times the books are held in custom made boxes.

Recently, I was asked to create a print honoring the 50th anniversary of Raritan Valley Community College. I began to think about the project by imagining who or what had witnessed the progress of the school from the beginning. The trees were there, and like the witness trees at Gettysburg, they were the survivors through time.

I was given a tour of the property and found two grandparent oaks in a small grove in the part of the campus where the college began. Iā€™m guessing that these trees are between 200 and 300 years old. These trees are massive and majestic.

I completed drawings of several of the trees and used these drawing to make a printing plate and ultimately the final print. I completed an edition of twenty. The first four of the edition were used in gratitude to thank those that were honored at the anniversary event.

I continue to be influenced by trees in my work, first getting to know their angles and ruddiness through the drawing process, then reimagining the form and structure on the printing plate and in one of a kind artist books.